Creating frictionless experiences through ultrasound Unrivalled authentication technology
Technology fit for the future
Everlink connects devices through the power of ultrasound. Our easy to integrate SDK is coming soon and empowers you to craft truly frictionless customer experiences.


Cross platform

Exceptional security

Minimal CPU usage
Developer First - SDK
We are the code-solution to physical real-world problems. We relentlessly seek out seamless and scalable integration solutions that makes developers' lives easier. Unlock new possibilities and enable your users to have instant authentication, with our easy to integrate SDKs.

IOS and Android SDKs coming soon.
Pilot SDK
Hailing in the convenience led future
Frictionless — meaning the absence of friction or pain points to elevate convenience, is a movement which is increasingly growing in demand.

Everlink allows this movement to grow faster through seamless experiences. Our technology is the only solution that powers customer authentication to occur within 0.5 seconds.